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True/False: Use a + for a true statement and a 0 for a false statement. A statement must be entirely true to be considered a true statement.

  • The novel is set in and near New York City in the 1920s.
  • Tom and Daisy Buchanan have been married for several years.
  • Daisy and Gatsby had been married at one time in the past.
  • Wolfsheim supposedly “fixed” the World Series of 1919.
  • Nick and Tom are distant cousins.
  • Jordan Baker was a lovely but dishonest young woman.
  • Myrtle Wilson felt a great deal of guilt about deceiving her husband.
  • Gatsby was honest and direct about his past.
  • Daisy waited patiently for Gatsby to come home from the war so that they could be together.
  • Gatsby lived in East Egg where the old monied families lived.
  • Gatsby was cheated out of his inheritance from Dan Cody.
  • Gatsby threw large parties, inviting friends and strangers alike.
  • Gatsby’s great dream was to amass an even larger fortune.
  • Gatsby’s fortune was earned through hard work and careful investment in the stock market.
  • Nick Carraway developed an intense dislike for Gatsby as the novel proceeds.
  • Tom treats Myrtle with respect for her feelings.
  • Nick Carraway and George Wilson are the only characters who go to work each day.
  • Tom and Daisy are Gatsby’s neighbors in West Egg.
  • Rumors about Gatsby’s past are numerous.
  • Nick arranges a reunion between Gatsby and Daisy.
  • Jay Gatsby was really Jimmy Gatz from North Dakota, a boy who grew up poor.
  • Meyer Wolfsheim is a gangster for whom Gatsby works.
  • Tom Buchanan was Nick’s friend in college who went on to earn a fortune.
  • Except for his affair with Myrtle Wilson, Tom had been faithful to Daisy.
  • After renewing his affair with Daisy, Gatsby suddenly cuts off his friendship with Nick.
  • Myrtle Wilson is beautiful and far more intelligent than is Daisy.
  • George Wilson treats Tom Buchanan as if Tom is his superior.
  • Gatsby first met Daisy in Louisville, Kentucky, while he was in military service during World War I.
  • After renewing his love affair with Daisy, Gatsby threw more parties to share with her by his side.
  • The Valley of the Ashes is an industrial area between West Egg and New York City.

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A 30-question true/false reading check quiz over Chapters 1-6; answer key accompanies quiz.