The Great Gatsby Lesson Plans
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Great Gatsby Quiz Chapters 1-3

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The Great Gatsby: Reading Check Quiz for Chapters I, II, and III

Use “C” for a correct statement and “NC” for a statement that is not correct.

____1. The novel is set in and near New York City in the summer of 1922.

____2. Tom and Daisy Buchanan, who live in East Egg, have been married for several years.

____3. Nick and Tom had gone to college together where both struggled with poverty.

____4. Daisy is presented as a serious, sincere, and content young woman in Chapter I.

____5. Nick has moved to the East temporarily to attend to some family business matters.

____6. The green light Nick observes is located at the end of Gatsby’s dock.

____7. Gatsby lived in East Egg, next door to the Buchanans.

____8. George and Myrtle Wilson live in an ugly industrial area between West Egg and New York City.

____9. George Wilson is well aware of Myrtle’s affair with Tom Buchanan.

____10. Chapter II takes place primarily in a smoky apartment in New York City.

____11. Gatsby is a mysterious figure whose history and source of wealth are the subject of gossip.

____12. Nick admires and respects Tom Buchanan for his intelligence and his decency.

____13. George Wilson treats Tom Buchanan as his equal.

____14. Myrtle Wilson is presented as being both well educated and cultured.

____15. Tom Buchanan treats Myrtle respect and gentleness.

____16. Nick goes to Gatsby’s party even though he has not been invited.

____17. One of the men at Gatsby’s party is amazed that the books in Gatsby’s library are real.

____18. Daisy resents Tom’s affair with Myrtle Wilson, but she chooses to stay in her marriage.

____19. Gatsby’s summer party was extravagant in every way possible, displaying his great wealth.

____20. Because Gatsby valued his privacy, only a very select group of people attended his party.

____21. Gatsby is a private man, but nobody doubts his basic honesty.

____22. Alcohol plays an active role in both Chapters II and III.

____23. Jordan Baker introduces Nick to Gatsby at Gatsby’s party in Chapter III.

____24. Jordan Baker spends time alone with Gatsby at the party.

____25. When he first arrives in the East, Nick pays little attention to the wealthy lifestyle he observes.

Key:1. C 2. C 3. NC 4. NC 5. NC 6. NC 7. NC 8. C 9. NC 10. C 11. C 12. NC

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A true/false quiz of 25 problems over the first three chapters of the novel; key included.