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Jordan Baker

Extended Character Analysis

Jordan Baker is the childhood friend of Daisy Buchanan. A professional golfer, she quickly attracts the attention of Nick Carraway, and the two begin a romantic relationship. Nick is initially taken in by Jordan’s apparent detachment from the rest of the elitist East Egg society. However, she quickly proves to be just as vapid and dishonest as the rest of the “secret society.” She is impulsive, and Nick describes her as “incurably dishonest.” She is also extremely cynical, a stark contrast to Nick’s cautious realism and Gatsby’s romantic idealism. 

Jordan differs from Daisy in that she is a career woman, valuing independence and taking an unsentimental approach to relationships. Whereas Daisy is quick to marry and content to be a wife and mother, Jordan avoids commitment because she cannot stand the thought of putting herself at a disadvantage in a relationship. Her competitive spirit shines through in her chosen career as well, going so far as to cheat in a golf tournament. Jordan is also physically distinguished from...

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