Pip in Great Expectations Quiz

What do you know about Pip, the orphan whose life changes dramatically? Be sure you recall the details of Pip's journey, the characters he encounters, and more by taking the eNotes quiz about Pip in Charles Dickens' Great Expectations.

  1. Of what is Pip constantly afraid?

  2. True or False: Pip believes he deserves to be better than a mere blacksmith, like Joe

  3. What does Pip bring to the escaped convict, despite his fear of being punished?

  4. By whom is Pip raised?

  5. True or False: Pip never knew his parents

  6. Regarding Estella, what is Pip commanded to do by Miss Havisham?

  7. Where does Pip learn his trade?

  8. True or False: Pip is a terrible liar

  9. Why does Pip believe Miss Havisham is his anonymous benefactor?

  10. What does Pip's "anonymous benefactor" promise to provide?

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