Great Expectations Part 3, Chapters 54 and 55 Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Part 3, Chapters 54 and 55 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. On what day does Pip, Herbert, and Startop begin their planned escape for Provis?

2. Who alerts the four that a four-oared galley is traveling up and down in front of the public house?

3. On what day do the four meet the steamer?

4. What happens as the steamer approaches?

5. Who is the man in the other galley who is wrapped up in a great coat?

6. What happens to Magwitch?

7. What happens to Compeyson?

8. What will happen to all of Magwitch’s money and possessions?

9. Where is Herbert going to work?

10. What position does Herbert offer Pip?

1. The four young men begin their escape by rowing all day on Wednesday.

2. A man named Jack alerts Pip that he has seen another galley going up and down with the tides in front of the public house.

3. The four young men see the steamer approaching on Thursday.

4. As the steamer approaches, the four-oared galley pulls along side of Pip and his friends.

5. Compeyson is the other man in the galley. He identifies Magwitch, and they lunge for one another.

6. Magwitch and Compeyson fall overboard together, and Magwitch sustains an injury to his chest and a deep cut on his head.

7. Compeyson drowns during the struggle.

8. Because Magwitch has no will and Pip is not related to him in any way, all of his money and possessions will go to the Crown.

9. Herbert will run the branch office in Cairo.

10. Herbert wants Pip to come to Cairo with him and Clara, and he offers him the job of clerk.