Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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Part 3, Chapters 52 and 53 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What two people write Pip a letter in these chapters, and what do they say?

2. What day is Pip planning to help Provis escape?

3. Who is going to help row the boat to the steamer?

4. Where is the steamer going that Pip and Provis are planning to board?

5. At what time was Pip to be at the marshes?

6. Who is taking all the credit for Pip’s great expectations?

7. What does Orlick plan to do to Pip?

8. Why does Orlick consider Pip his enemy?

9. Who killed Mrs. Joe?

10. Who rescues Pip from Orlick?

1. Wemmick writes Pip a letter telling him that Wednesday would be a good day to try to get Provis out of the country. Orlick writes Pip an anonymous letter telling him to come to an old sluice house in the marshes,...

(The entire section is 265 words.)