Illustration of Pip visiting a graveyard

Great Expectations

by Charles Dickens

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Part 3, Chapters 50 and 51 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Who takes care of Pip’s injuries?

2. What name does Herbert call Clara’s father?

3. What did Provis’ wife tell him that she was going to do with their child?

4. Who is Estella’s father?

5. Where does Pip go to confirm Provis’ story?

6. Does Provis know that his daughter is alive?

7. How is the relationship between Pip and Mr. Jaggers different?

8. Will the knowledge of Estella’s parents be kept a secret?

9. Why will Pip not tell Estella of the identity of her parents?

10. Who is the client who interrupts the confrontation between Pip and Mr. Jaggers?

1. Herbert takes care of Pip’s injuries.

2. Gruffandgrim is the name Herbert gives to Clara’s father.

3. She tells him that she is going to destroy the child.

4. Provis is Estella’s father.

5. Pip goes to Mr. Jaggers to confirm the story about Provis, Molly, and Estella.

6. Provis has no idea that his daughter is alive.

7. Pip is no longer afraid or intimidated by Mr. Jaggers. Pip actually knows more about Estella than Mr. Jaggers. Pip has matured, and he is no longer under Mr. Jaggers’ rule.

8. Pip and Mr. Jaggers agree that it would do no good to anyone to release any of this information concerning Provis, Estella, and Molly.

9. Estella has married for money, and Drummle is from a wealthy family. The knowledge of Estella’s convict father and murdering mother would not be a welcomed fact for the Drummle family. It would destroy her marriage and her life. Pip would never do anything to hurt Estella.

10. Mike is the name of the client who interrupts Pip and Mr. Jaggers.

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