Illustration of Pip visiting a graveyard

Great Expectations

by Charles Dickens

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Part 3, Chapters 46 and 47 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. In whose boarding house if Provis now living?

2. Where is the boarding house located?

3. What is wrong with Clara’s father?

4. How often is Pip to go see Provis?

5. How are Pip and Herbert preparing to help Provis escape from London?

6. How is Provis to signal Pip that everything is all right?

7. What name is Provis now going by?

8. Because Pip has no more money, what does he have to do to raise some money?

9. Whom does Pip see at the theater?

10. Who is sitting behind Pip in the theater?

1. Provis is now staying at Mrs. Whimple’s boarding house—the same one as Clara, Herbert’s fiancee.

2. The boarding house is located on the river front on Mill Pond Bank.

3. Clara’s father is an invalid suffering from gout and too much rum.

4. Pip is not to return to see Provis.

5. Pip and Herbert start rowing every day so that when the day comes to help Provis escape, they will not arouse suspicion.

6. Provis’ signal that everything is all right is to lower his shade when Pip rows by the house.

7. Provis is now going by the name of Mr. Campbell.

8. Pip would not take Provis’ pocketbook filled with money, so now he must sell some of his jewelry in order to pay some of his debts.

9. While at the theater, Pip sees Mr. Wopsle performing.

10. Mr. Wopsle tells Pip that the convict from the marshes was sitting behind him in the theater. That convict was Compeyson.

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