Great Expectations Part 3, Chapters 42 and 43 Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Part 3, Chapters 42 and 43 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who is Compeyson?

2. Who was Arthur?

3. What happened to Arthur?

4. Who did Arthur see shaking a shroud at him?

5. Who was the real mastermind of the crimes committed by Compeyson and Provis?

6. Why does Pip fear Compeyson?

7. Who accompanies Estella back to Satis House?

8. Why does Pip return to the village to see Estella?

9. Who does the man who helps Drummle light his cigar resemble?

10. Why were Compeyson and Provis sentenced differently?

1. Compeyson is the man who jilted Miss Havisham. He, Arthur, and Provis were partners at one time.

2. Arthur is Miss Havisham’s half brother. He and Compeyson swindled her out of all that they could.

3. Guilt has driven Arthur crazy, and he dies at Compeyson’s house.

4. Arthur imagines that he sees a woman dressed in white shaking a shroud at him. He knows that when she puts the shroud on him he will die. The woman is Miss Havisham.

5. The real mastermind of the evil plots to swindle and go against the law was the schemer Compeyson.

6. Pip is afraid that Compeyson will turn Provis in to the law. This would free Compeyson from worrying about Provis, because Provis would still kill him if he got the chance.

7. Bentley Drummle accompanies Estella back to Satis House.

8. Pip realizes the danger that Provis is in and knows that he and Provis must leave the country as soon as possible. Before he leaves, he wants to see Estella.

9. The man helping Drummle resembles Orlick.

10. Compeyson requested that they be tried separately. Compeyson shows up for the trial smartly dressed holding a white handkerchief to his nose. He is an eloquent speaker and blames his erring ways on the influence of Provis. Provis, on the other hand, appears before the court looking ragged and illiterate with a long string of offenses to his name.