Great Expectations Part 3, Chapters 40 and 41 Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Part 3, Chapters 40 and 41 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is the real name of Pip’s convict?

2. What name is the convict traveling under?

3. What is Pip going to tell his acquaintances concerning the convict?

4. Why does the convict return to London?

5. What will happen to the convict if he is found in London?

6. Why does Mr. Jaggers keep referring to Magwitch in New South Wales and Provis who will probably come to London to see Pip?

7. Why is Pip afraid of the convict?

8. Who helps Pip decide what to do with the convict?

9. Who is hiding on the stairs in the dark?

10. Will Pip continue taking money from the convict?

1. The convict’s real name is Abel Magwitch.

2. The convict is traveling under the name of Provis.

3. Pip is going to tell his acquaintances that his Uncle Provis, a wealthy farmer, has come to visit him.

4. The convict has returned to London to lavish more money on Pip and to watch him spend it. The convict wants to enjoy the only worthy accomplishment he has done in his life.

5. Because the convict had been convicted for life and exiled from London, he must never return. If he is ever found in London, he will be hanged.

6. Mr. Jaggers really knows that Provis is Abel Magwitch; however, if he acknowledges that fact he would have to act on the knowledge that the man is back in London. Being a criminal lawyer, Jaggers would have to have him arrested. In order to sidestep the issue, he refers to Abel Magwitch, the convict, as still residing in New South Wales. The man by the name of Provis is not wanted by the authorities and is free to visit London and Pip.

7. Pip is afraid of the convict because he really does not know anything about the convict’s past. He only knows that he must have committed terrible crimes to have been sentenced to life in exile.

8. Herbert helps Pip devise a plan as to what to do with the convict.

9. The mysterious stranger is a mystery for the moment. The unknown stranger adds suspense and intrigue to the plot.

10. Pip tells Herbert that he can no longer accept money from the convict, and he feels that he must repay him for all he has done.