Great Expectations Part 2, Chapters 26 and 27 Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Part 2, Chapters 26 and 27 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What name does Mr. Jaggers give Bentley Drummle?

2. Who is Molly?

3. What is unusual about Molly?

4. Who writes Pip a letter?

5. Who is coming to see Pip in London?

6. What keeps falling off the mantle during Pip and Joe’s visit?

7. What news does Joe bring Pip?

8. Mr. Jaggers warns Pip not to have much to do with one of his roommates. Who is it?

9. Is Pip glad to see Joe in London?

10. Who travels with Joe to London?

1. Mr. Jaggers calls Bentley Drummle “the Spider.”

2. Molly is Mr. Jaggers’ housekeeper.

3. Molly has unusual strength in her wrists.

4. It is Biddy who writes Pip a letter.

5. Joe will be coming to London to visit with Pip.

6. Joe’s hat keeps falling off the mantle.

7. Mr. Wopsle has left the church and become an actor, and Estella is home and would like to see him.

8. Mr. Jaggers warns Pip of Bentley Drummle.

9. Pip is embarrassed by Joe’s visit and would have done almost anything to keep him from coming.

10. Mr. Wopsle travels with Joe to London.