Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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Part 1, Chapters 6 and 7 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why didn’t Pip tell Joe the truth concerning the convict and the theft?

2. What is probably the reason that Joe married Pip’s sister?

3. What does Mr. Wopsle’s great-aunt run in the evenings?

4. Even though Pip attends the evening school, who actually teaches Pip how to read and write?

5. What does Pip find out about Joe’s education?

6. What is the only word that Joe can read?

7. Pip agrees to help Joe learn to read and write. Why must they keep it a secret from Mrs. Joe?

8. What news do Uncle Pumblechook and Mrs. Joe bring home to Pip?

9. What does Miss Havisham ask Pip to come there to do?

10. Who first takes Pip to Miss Havisham’s house?

1. Pip did not tell Joe the truth because...

(The entire section is 263 words.)