Illustration of Pip visiting a graveyard

Great Expectations

by Charles Dickens

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Part 1, Chapters 4 and 5 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is the occasion for having dinner guests at the Gargery’s?

2. What makes Pip uncomfortable during the Christmas dinner?

3. Who comes to the door just as Mrs. Joe is inviting the guests to taste her pork pie?

4. Why does Pip think the soldiers have come to his house?

5. Why have the soldiers actually come to the Gargery house?

6. When the two convicts are found, what are they doing?

7. What does the second convict claim the first convict tried to do to him?

8. How does Joe feel toward the first convict?

9. Who takes the blame for stealing the food from Mrs. Joe?

10. Where are the convicts taken?

1. The occasion is Christmas Day.

2. The dinner guests make references to Pip that he is not grateful for what his sister has done for him. Pip also is fearful about the discovery of the missing food.

3. The sergeant and his solders arrive at the door just as Mrs. Joe goes to get her pork pie.

4. Pip thinks the soldiers have come to arrest him for stealing.

5. The soldiers need some handcuffs repaired and have come to ask the blacksmith to do the job.

6. The two convicts are fighting one another in a ditch.

7. The second convict claims that the first convict tried to murder him.

8. He feels that he should not starve no matter what he has done.

9. The first convict takes the blame for stealing the food.

10. The two convicts are taken back to the Hulks.

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