Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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Part 1, Chapter 18 and 19 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who informs Pip that he has great expectations?

2. What are the three stipulations of the inheritance?

3. Who is to be Pip’s guardian while he is in London?

4. Who is to be Pip’s tutor while he is in London?

5. When Mr. Jaggers offers Joe money to compensate for the loss of Pip’s services, what does the blacksmith do?

6. Who does Pip believe is his benefactor?

7. Why does Pip visit Mr. Trabb, the tailor?

8. How does the reader know that Biddy understands Joe better than Pip does?

9. How has the behavior of Mr. Pumblechook and Mr. Trabb changed toward Pip?

10. Where is Pip going at the end of Chapter 19?

1. Mr. Jaggers, a lawyer from London, informs Pip of his great expectations.

2. The three conditions of the inheritance are as follows:
He must always keep the name of...

(The entire section is 286 words.)