Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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Part 1, Chapter 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. The novel is written in what point of view?

2. Where does the opening scene take place?

3. What is Pip’s full name?

4. Where are Pip’s parents?

5. With whom does Pip live?

6. What does Joe Gargery do for a living?

7. How is the first convict dressed? What is his appearance?

8. What does the first convict ask Pip to bring him?

9. Why did the first convict ask for a file?

10. Where is Pip to bring the food and the file the next morning?

1. The novel is written in first person point of view.

2. The opening scene takes place in a churchyard (cemetery).

3. Pip’s full name is Philip Pirrip.

4. Pip’s parents are buried in the cemetery.

5. Pip lives with his sister and her husband.

6. Joe Gargery is a blacksmith.

7. The first convict is dressed in gray with an iron around his leg, no hat, broken shoes, and an old rag tied around his head. He is soaked with water and covered with mud.

8. The first convict asks Pip to bring him food and a file.

9. The convict plans to file off his leg iron.

10. Pip is to bring the food and the file to the old battery which is a deserted military fortification that used to be equipped with guns.