Illustration of Pip visiting a graveyard

Great Expectations

by Charles Dickens

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What note does Pip receive from Estella and what troubles him upon meeting her?

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In Chapter 32 Pip receives a missive from Estella which conveys Miss Havisham's wish that he should meet her in London. Pip is very excited by this, seeing this as further proof of Miss Havisham's identity as his benefactor and also her wish that he and Estella should be married. Arriving far too early to meet her, he goes on a tour with Wemmic to see Newgate prison. This reminds Pip of his experiences in the marshes and his criminal associations. Seeing Estella he visualises a "nameless shadow" that stirs Pip's memory which has already happened in Chapter 29 and will happen again in Chapter 33. Dickens is clearly building up a mystery regarding the identity of Estella and in particular her parents.

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