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Great Expectations

by Charles Dickens

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What was Pip's plan to become "less common" in Great Expectations?

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Pip really does not make any plans for himself.  Magwitch makes plans for Pip to become a gentleman.  He arranges for him to go to London and stay with Herbert Pocket and take lessons from Matthew Pocket, his tutor.

When Jaggers arrives, he tells Pip that he has a secret benefactor who has given him “great expectations” and he is going to come into property.

Further, that it is the desire of the present possessor of that property, that he be immediately removed from his present sphere of life and from this place, and be brought up as a gentleman… (ch 18, p. 97)

From this point on, Pip simply goes with the flow.  He has an idea that Miss Havisham is raising him up so that he is less common and can marry Estella, but she never confirms it and in fact his expectations have nothing to do with Estella.

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