Great Expectations Part 3, Chapter 52 and 53 Summary and Analysis

Charles Dickens

Part 3, Chapter 52 and 53 Summary and Analysis

With the money supplied by Miss Havisham, Pip takes the check from Mr. Jaggers and goes directly to Miss Skiffins’ brother, who in turn takes it to Clarriker. Then the transaction is finished. Clarriker tells Pip that a branch office is needed in the East, and Herbert, in his new partnership capacity, will be in charge of it. Pip says, “I had the great satisfaction of concluding that arrangement. It was the only good thing I had done, and the only completed thing I had done, since I was first apprised of my great expectations.”

On Monday Pip receives a letter from Wemmick stating that Wednesday would be the day to do what has been planned for Provis. After reading the letter, Pip is...

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