Great Expectations Part 3, Chapter 40 and 41 Summary and Analysis

Charles Dickens

Part 3, Chapter 40 and 41 Summary and Analysis

New Character
Provis, Abel Magwitch: the assumed name and the real name of the first convict

Because Pip has to concentrate on hiding the convict, he pushes his other worries aside for the moment. He decides that he will tell people that his Uncle Provis has come to visit. On the way downstairs to talk to the watchman, Pip trips on a mysterious stranger hiding in the shadows of the stairway who runs immediately. Pip questions the watchman and finds that there were indeed two men who came last night, and the watchman thought they were together. The following morning Pip finds that the convict’s real name is Abel Magwitch, and he also finds out the reason why he has...

(The entire section is 740 words.)