Great Expectations Part 2, Chapter 32 and 33 Summary and Analysis

Charles Dickens

Part 2, Chapter 32 and 33 Summary and Analysis

New Character
Colonel: a soldier condemned to die at Newgate Prison

Pip receives a note from Estella telling him that she is to arrive in London, and he is to meet her at the stage. Pip is overjoyed and goes to the coach office hours before her time of arrival. While waiting for Estella, Mr. Wemmick asks Pip if he would like to see Newgate Prison. They go to the prison which Pip finds neglected, disorderly, and depressing. Mr. Wemmick has a knowledge of all the prisoners and speaks with them or tips his hat. Mr. Wemmick introduces Pip to a soldier condemned to be hanged the following Monday. After leaving the prison, Pip feels contaminated by the filth of the prison...

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