Great Expectations Part 2, Chapter 28 and 29 Summary and Analysis

Charles Dickens

Part 2, Chapter 28 and 29 Summary and Analysis

Pip prepares to return immediately to see Estella. He knows he needs to stay at the forge with Joe while he is there, but he invents all kinds of reasons why it would be better for him to stay at the Blue Boar in the village. “I should be an inconvenience at Joe’s; I was not expected, and my bed would not be ready; I should be too far from Miss Havisham’s, and she was exacting and mightn’t like it.”

Pip boards the coach heading for home with two convicts who are accompanied by a jailor returning them to the Hulks. Pip recognizes one of the convicts as the mysterious stranger who stirred his rum with Joe’s file so long ago at the Three Jolly Bargemen. Pip is relieved that he has...

(The entire section is 989 words.)