Great Expectations Part 1, Chapter 8 and 9 Summary and Analysis

Charles Dickens

Part 1, Chapter 8 and 9 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Estella: a young girl about the same age as Pip who lives with Miss Havisham

Pip goes home with Mr. Pumblechook and is sent directly to bed. In the morning Pip is given bread crumbs and diluted milk while Mr. Pumblechook drills him in math. At ten o’clock they go to Miss Havisham’s house which is dismal and closed up. Some of the windows are walled up while most of the remaining ones are encased in iron bars. The courtyard in front is also barred. There is an old brewery on one side of the house and the unkempt grounds are overgrown with tangled weeds. Pip and Mr. Pumblechook stand at the gate waiting to be let in. Estella lets only Pip in and...

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