Great Expectations Part 1, Chapter 16 and 17 Summary and Analysis

Charles Dickens

Part 1, Chapter 16 and 17 Summary and Analysis

After Mrs. Joe is attacked, Pip feels guilt and goes over and over the evidence and circumstances of the attack. Joe had been at the Three Jolly Bargemen; Orlick had been in town and even walked home with him and Mr. Wopsle. Nothing had been taken or disturbed at the house; however, an important piece of evidence was found beside Mrs. Joe—a convict’s leg iron. After looking at the iron, Joe decides that it had been filed off a long time ago. Pip believes that the iron belongs to the first convict, but he does not believe that his convict is the one who attacked his sister. Pip suspects the attacker to be either Orlick or the stranger who stirred his rum with Joe’s file, and he feels guilty...

(The entire section is 591 words.)