Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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Chapters 50 and 51 Summary

Chapter 50

Herbert cares for Pip as he recovers from his burns. He mentions that he plans to marry Clara as soon as her father dies, since Old Bill Barley requires so much care that it is preventing the wedding. Herbert tells Pip that Magwitch has also been opening up to him and shared a story about his wife. Magwitch said that his wife was a jealous woman who killed a stronger woman who was also interested in Magwitch. This murderous woman had a daughter with Magwitch, but—as far as Magwitch knows—killed her as well. Magwitch hid throughout the murder trial so that he could not be called upon to witness against his wife. Compeyson leveraged knowledge of these proceedings against him. Magwitch also mentioned that young Pip reminded him of his daughter, as he would have been the same age as her. Pip realizes that Magwitch must be Estella's father.

Chapter 51

Pip and...

(The entire section is 302 words.)