Great Expectations Chapters 24 and 25
by Charles Dickens

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Chapters 24 and 25 Summary

Chapter 24

Pip meets with Matthew Pocket to discuss his plans for the future. Mr. Pocket hopes to educate Pip for his intended career as best he can. Pip admires Mr. Pocket for treating him with such honesty and respect.

Pip goes to Mr. Jaggers to request money so he can start furnishing his apartment at Barnard's Inn. Mr. Jaggers and Pip haggle over how much money he'll take out before settling on twenty pounds. Mr. Jaggers's unsmiling and even suspicious demeanor is off-putting to Pip, but Wemmick tells him not to worry about it, as it is merely Jaggers's way of conducting business.

Wemmick gives Pip a tour of the firm and introduces him to the other clerks. He also shows Pip Jaggers's office and shares the story behind the two grotesque death masks Jaggers has upon the wall. They are both former customers of Jaggers's who ended up murdering other people, the first murdering his own master and the other being a will-forger who murdered the alleged testators.

Wemmick invites Pip to come home with him sometime, and Pip accepts. He asks if Pip has ever dined with Jaggers, and when Pip replies in the negative, Wemmick advises him to observe Jaggers's housekeeper when he gets the chance, since she is "a wild beast tamed" by her master's hands.

Pip and Wemmick then visit a police-court, where they witness Jaggers ruthlessly at work examining and cross-examining accused persons. His manner impresses Pip greatly.

Chapter 25

Pip is introduced to two of Pocket's former students, the sullen Bentley Drummle and the effeminate Startop. While Startop's indulged manner and obsessive love for his mother are off-putting, Pip still prefers him to Drummle. Pip considers Herbert Pocket his best friend, since Herbert is the person with whom he is most intimate. The two spend much time together.

Pip meets Herbert's relatives, who turn out to be Mr. and Mrs. Camilla (the latter being Mr. Pocket's sister) and Georgiana (whom Pip originally encountered at Miss Havisham's house). They dislike Pip, but due to their...

(The entire section is 527 words.)