The Great Betrayal

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Patrick J. Buchanan is a television and radio host, a former Republican candidate for President of the United States, and a former staffer for Richard Nixon. All those roles help his argument in his new book, THE GREAT BETRAYAL: HOW AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE ARE BEING SACRIFICED TO THE GODS OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMY.

Only a media-savvy veteran of talk shows could so effectively and successfully reduce a key debate of our time to a series of simplistic but sensible slogans. Only a loyal Republican who retains a sense of roots and a loyalty to those other than Big Business could remind America that standing up for workers is patriotic. And only a right-wing zealot who watched a red-baiting Nixon play his China card could challenge the New World Order. That scheme, Buchanan says, is a wrongheaded approach driven by the greed of transnational corporations in a global economy, but made possible by a shift in trade policy. The United States government some twenty years ago began abandoning “fair” trade (with some tariffs on imports as the “price of admission” to compete in the U.S. economy), and embracing “free” trade (a largely unfettered, laissez-faire approach).

Beneath most media’s uncritical reporting of falling jobless rates and rising stock-market values is the nation’s nasty secret, Buchanan notes. The United States is more divided than at any time since the Civil War, and it is an increasing, profound gap based not...

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