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Here are five important quotes from the novel The Great Alone which was written by Kristin Hannah and published in 2018.

He pulled Mama to her feet with an eagerness that made her stumble, fall into him. Leni saw the desperate edge of his enthusiasm. (chapter 1)

Here, Leni is established as the narrator of the novel. This sentence also details all three members of the family’s characters. Ernt is volatile, Cora is submissive, and Leni is an observer of them both.

Mama could never leave Dad, and Leni would never leave Mama. And Dad could never let them go. In this toxic knot that was their family, there was no escape for any of them. (chapter 11)

The narrator, Leni, has realized that nothing is going to change and that both she and her mother are trapped. She has become fatalistic about the future of herself and her parents.

"You are it for me, you know. The great love of my life."

"Peas in a pod," Leni whispered.

"Two of a kind." Mama coughed.

(chapter 28)

One of the important themes within the novel is that of nurturing and supportive love. This quote is an example of that, as it highlights the importance of Leni and Cora’s relationship. Cora and Leni have spoken these words a number of times throughout the story, but this time, they are spoken for the final time before Cora passes away.

Alone is overrated. (chapter 31)

These words are spoken by Matthew to Leni. They highlight his honest and compassionate nature and his continued support of her. Despite everything that he has been through himself, he is an example of how openness, support, and love lead to happiness.

For we few, the sturdy, the strong, the dreamers, Alaska is home, always and forever, the song you hear when the world is still and quiet. You either belong here, wild and untamed yourself, or you don’t. I belong. (final chapter)

These are the final lines in the novel, as Leni pays tribute to her home and to the people, like herself, who belong there. This quote says that a wild place like Alaska cannot be a home for everybody, as not everybody is strong enough.