Graphic Novels Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Brian Michael Bendis
Goldfish [originally published in A.K.A. Goldfish, issues 1-5 in 1995] (graphic novel) 1998
Fortune and Glory [originally published in Fortune and Glory, issues 1-3 in 1999-2000] (graphic novel) 2000
Torso: A True Crime Graphic Novel [co-written with Marc Andreyko; originally published in Jinx: Torso, issues 1-6 in 2000] (graphic novel) 2002

Kurt Busiek
Marvels [illustrated by Alex Ross; originally published in Marvels, issues 0, 1-4 in 1994] (graphic novel) 1994

Howard Chaykin
American Flagg! Hard Times [originally published in American Flagg!, issues 1-3 in 1983] (graphic novel) 1985

Chris Claremont
X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills [illustrated by Brent Anderson] (graphic novel) 1982

Daniel Clowes
Ghost World [originally published in Eightball, issues 11-18 in 1993] (graphic novel) 1998
David Boring [originally published in Eightball, issues 19-21 in 1999] (graphic novel) 2000

Robert Crumb
The Life & Death of Fritz the Cat (graphic novel) 1993
*R. Crumb's America (graphic novel) 1995; revised edition, 1997

Will Eisner
A Contract with God (graphic novel) 1978
Comics and Sequential Art (criticism) 1985
The Spirit: Will Eisner's Spirit Archives, Volume I [originally published as serialized Spirit stories in 1940-1941] (graphic novel) 2000

Warren Ellis
Transmetropolitan: Back on the Street [illustrated by Darick Robertson; originally published in Transmetropolitan, issues 1-3 in 1998] (graphic novel) 1998
Planetary: All Over the World and Other Stories [illustrated by John Cassaday; originally published in Planetary, issues 1-6 in 1998] (graphic novel) 1999

Garth Ennis
Preacher: Gone to Texas [illustrated by Steve Dillon; originally published in Preacher, issues 1-7 in 1995] (graphic...

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