Illustration of the back a man in a hat and overalls looking towards the farmland

The Grapes of Wrath

by John Steinbeck

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Chapters 27-30 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is the significance of the arguments over the weight of the cotton the migrants picked?

2. How do the Joads benefit from getting to the cotton field ahead of many others?

3. Do other conditions improve for the Joads when they get work picking cotton?

4. What makes it necessary for Tom to break away from the family?

5. Why is the 20 acres of cotton picked so quickly?

6. Why were the migrant women relieved when they saw the faces of the men after all the troubles?

7. What does Mr. Wainwright’s worry about Al and Aggie reveal about him and his way of life?

8. What do Rose of Sharon’s stillborn baby and Al and Aggie’s engagement symbolize?

9. What is a final crushing blow to the Joads’ dreams?

10. What does Rose of Sharon nursing the dying man symbolize?

1. Each side, bosses and migrants, thought the other was trying to cheat them.

2. They get a sturdier place to live than a tent and good neighbors to share it with.

3. Yes, they finally get enough money to eat more and better food and replace worn clothing.

4. Since he killed the deputy, he is a danger to the family, and Ruthie gives away the fact that he is wanted and nearby.

5. There are so many people seeking work, more migrants come to the small farm than are needed and no one gets enough work.

6. They saw the men were angry rather than defeated and would not break under the weight of the troubles.

7. He is trying to cling to his pride in never having shame brought on his family.

8. The baby symbolizes the stillborn dreams of all the Joads, while the engagement symbolizes the hope that some of them might yet be achieved.

9. The flood robs them of the simple home they have been able to create and the truck they will need to go on.

10. The sharing that people must do to help each other survive in a harsh world.

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