The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

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Chapters 1-6 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What signs were the farm women and children watching the men for?

2. Why is the truck driver who gives Tom a ride nameless?

3. Why does the truck driver break the “No Riders” rule of his company?

4. How does the land turtle foreshadow events in the story?

5. What reason does Jim Casy give for no longer preaching?

6. How did the bankers’ agents explain foreclosing on mortgages and driving the farmers off of their land?

7. What reason does Muley Graves give for sharing his rabbits?

8. What does the presence of the cat and the condition of the Joad house tell Tom?

9. Why does the author have Tom tell about keeping to himself and not causing trouble in prison?

10. What is the motive for farmers such as Joe Davis’ son taking jobs bulldozing other farmers’ homes?

1. The women looked for signs that they had not given up, defeated by the conflict with nature, or that the men still had the spirit to go on. The women could be strong only as long as the men had hope, and the children were aware of this.

2. He is unimportant as an individual character, yet his symbolic representation of the struggle of one class against...

(The entire section is 404 words.)