The Grapes of Wrath Chapters 7-11 Summary and Analysis

John Steinbeck

Chapters 7-11 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Pa Joad: one of many dispossessed “Dust Bowl” farmers who dream of a better life in California

Ma Joad: his strong wife who is devoted to preserving her family

Grampa Joad: the elderly, senile patriarch of the family

Granma Joad: his wife who is a religious fanatic

Noah Joad: the eldest son who moves slowly and says little

Al Joad: the Joad’s teenage son who is good at working on cars

Uncle John: Pa Joad’s brother, a widower

Ruthie and Winfield Joad: Pa and Ma’s youngest children

Rose of Sharon: the Joad’s married and pregnant daughter

Connie: Rose of Sharon’s husband


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