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(Great Characters in Literature)

Honoré Grandissime

Honoré Grandissime (oh-noh-RAY grahn-dees-EEM), a merchant, head of the Grandissimes. Extremely handsome and well-dressed, he is an impressive figure, the flower of the family. His egalitarian views and his opposition to slavery are viewed with suspicion and distaste by other Grandissimes. He represents the peacemaking element as his uncle, Agricola, represents the strifemaking element in the family. Conscience-stricken over his possession of and profit from Aurora’s property (given him by Agricola), he returns it and thereby angers his family. He further alienates them by going into partnership with another Honoré Grandissime, a free man of color.

Honoré Grandissime, f. m. c.

Honoré Grandissime, f. m. c., his older quadroon half brother, a rentier. (To prevent confusion, he is usually distinguished from the white Honoré by the initials f. m. c.—free man of color—after his name.) He has strong feelings about the lot of the Louisianians of mixed blood, but he is feeble of will about fighting the caste system. He hates Agricola and loves Palmyre. After going with Palmyre to Bordeaux following Agricola’s death, he vainly courts her and then drowns himself.

Agricola Fusilier

Agricola Fusilier (ah-GREE-koh-lah fyew-seel-YAY), Honoré’s uncle, a sturdy, bearded old lion careless of his dress. Loving all things French, he scorns Americans and their jargon. He is proud of his Creole blood, contemptuous of all people of color, and fearful of Palmyre. He is mortally stabbed by Honoré f. m. c., whom he has attacked. Dying, he affects to forgive all enemies of the Creole aristocracy, but...

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