What is the grammatical function of the word "children" in this sentence? "She also taught children foreign languages." pa,pn,do,io,oc

pa=predicate adjective,pa=predicate nominative,do=direct object,io=indirect object,oc=objective compliment

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To best determine the grammatical function of the word "children" in the sentence "She also taught children foreign languages", it might be best to re-write the sentence as follows: "She also taught foreign languages to the children." This allows us to see more clearly the various grammatical components.

First, "she" is the subject; "taught" is the verb; "languages" is the direct object and "foreign" is an adjective modifying "languages". The word "languages" is the direct object because it is the object, it receives the action of the verb "taught."

As for "children", the word "children" is the indirect object of the verb "taught". The verb "taught" often is followed by the "indirect object - direct object" pattern. The verb "give" has a similar pattern. "We give the children cookies." In such a sentence, we're not actually giving children, we're giving cookies to the children. Thus, "children" is the direct object and "cookies" is the indirect object.

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