Is there any book that explains roots, stems and bases of words?

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The fields of linguistics and education offer a number of manuals and guides for the diagramming of sentences in what is called the "linguistic trees". Once nearly banned as an old practice, the diagramming of words and sentences has caught on with the modern world and not only can you find books and guides, but also applications for computers and tablets. The Apple corporation has one of such current applications, which help you diagram sentences and words into its most basic units of meaning.

However, the "go-to" manual for linguists (which you can also purchase anywhere, even if you are not a linguist) is Max Morenberg's Doing Grammar. Morenberg's book is used as a textbook, as a guide, and as a manual. It is compact enough to surf through its information and yet it contains the most relevant details for linguists to know as far as the parts of a word, the parts of a sentence, and the diagramming of linguistic trees. Oxford University Press (which are the publishers of Doing Grammar) is the most trusted source for books and textbooks dealing with grammar and linguistics.

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