Graham Montague Jeffries Biography


(Masterpieces of Fiction, Detective and Mystery Edition)

Bruce Graeme was born Graham Montague Jeffries in London on May 23, 1900, to parents of some means. He was schooled in private academies. When he was eighteen, Graeme saw action in World War I with the Queen’s Westminster Rifles Regiment. When the war ended, his principal preoccupation became writing, and he adopted the nom de plume Bruce Graeme. In 1925, he was married to Lorna Louch, with whom he was to have a son and a daughter. (The son would follow Graeme’s lead and take up writing mysteries under the pseudonym Roderic Graeme.) In the late 1920’s, Graeme learned valuable lessons about crime as well as about writing when he worked as a reporter for the Middlesex County Times in Ealing, England. In 1919 and in the 1940’s, he worked as a film producer.

Shortly after his marriage, Graeme published his first work, La Belle Laurine (1926). This mystery adventure was followed by more than one hundred mystery novels, a number of uncollected short stories, and several nonfictional works. Although far more appreciated in his native Great Britain than abroad, Graeme did publish a few American editions. He became a founding member of the Crime Writers’ Association. He died in 1982, nine days before his eighty-second birthday.