Graham Kerr’s Kitchen

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

In the style of a textbook on cooking rather than merely a collection of recipes, GRAHAM KERR’S KITCHEN is a cookbook that requires serious reading before attempting any of the selections. Pages of basic instruction teach the reader to reduce fat content in the recipes, while adding more flavor through creative methods.

The chapters are organized by Kerr’s tips. Each chapter begins with a lesson on healthy and low-fat ways to cook without losing good flavor and texture. Kerr offers solutions for thickening sauces, reducing, using yogurt instead of cream, and for substituting eggs, among other tips. These helpful tips are followed by a selection of recipes that demonstrate various uses of the method described. Kerr’s own variations on standard recipes are complimented by recipes from other professional chefs and even some home-cooks. These additional chefs all embrace a similar philosophy of cooking as Kerr and add to the cookbook’s validity.

The recipes range from very simple ones to some more elaborate ones which include special ingredients that the average home cook my not use often. The instructions on each recipe are detailed and seem east enough to follow. They are often accompanied by diagrams, a profile on the recipe’s chef, a nutritional chart per serving, and many amusing drawings of Kerr himself in action. The recipes include appetizers, soups, main dishes, vegetarian dishes, and desserts. The various styles range from Chinese to Indian to Creole and everything in between.

This well-organized cookbook should succeed in converting all kinds of cooks. The “lessons” are accompanied by practical recipe applications and can re-educate the reader to cook in Kerr’s healthy style.