Historical Context

Late-Twentieth-Century Canada

Canada was a former British colony and a modern democracy in the late twentieth...

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Literary Style

Blank Verse

The most important stylistic aspect of Goodnight Desdemona is its attention to the customs and...

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Bibliography and Further Reading


Dvorak, Marta, "Goodnight William Shakespeare (Good Morning Ann-Marie MacDonald)," in Canadian Theatre...

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Compare and Contrast

  • 1600: The first French settlers arrive in eastern Canada, but there will be no significant settlements in Toronto for more...

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Topics for Further Study

  • Choose a scene from Goodnight Desdemona that you feel is representative of a particular theme of the play and discuss, in an essay,...

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What Do I Read Next?

  • Shakespeare's classics Romeo and Juliet (c. 1594) and Othello (c. 1603) are absorbing plays that add a great deal to one's...

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