Good-bye, Mr. Chips

by James Hilton

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Characters Discussed

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Mr. Chipping

Mr. Chipping, referred to as Mr. Chips, a retired schoolmaster, white-haired, semi-bald, fairly active for his age. Unprofound, he prefers detective novels to the Greek and Latin works that he taught for so long. His mind is filled with memories of his dead wife, the many boys he taught at Brookfield, and the many experiences he had there. He is a legend at the school and is remembered with affection. He dies dreaming of the thousands of boys he had taught.

Mrs. Wickett

Mrs. Wickett, his landlady.


Wetherby, the head of Brookfield when Mr. Chips came there.


Colley, a Brookfield boy whom Mr. Chips disciplined on his first day at the school. Colley’s son and grandson later become pupils of Mr. Chips.

Katherine (Kathie) Bridges Chipping

Katherine (Kathie) Bridges Chipping, Mr. Chips’s young wife, whom he marries at forty-eight. She is very popular with the boys. She dies in childbirth along with her infant son.

Dr. Merivale

Dr. Merivale, Mr. Chips’s physician.


Collingwood, a Brookfield boy who becomes a major and is killed in the war.


Ralston, a young headmaster at Brookfield whom Mr. Chips never likes.


Chatteris, Ralston’s successor as headmaster; he and Mr. Chips get on well.

Max Staefel

Max Staefel, a former German master at Brookfield, drafted while visiting in Germany and later killed on the Western Front.


Linford, a Brookfield boy, the last to say, “Goodbye, Mr. Chips,” the night before the old man dies.

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