Chapter 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. At the time the story begins, how old is Scarlett?

2. Why could Stuart and Brent Tarleton not go home yet?

3. How do the twins know of Ashley’s engagement?

4. Why does Jeems accompany the twins?

5. Why is Ashley considered “different” from other young men?

6. Why are the officers of The Troop elected by the members?

7. Why is there no need to teach the members of The Troop to shoot?

8. Why doesn’t Jeems want to be sent home by himself?

9. Why are the Tarleton twins considered to be desirable husbands?

10. Why doesn’t Scarlett want to hear any more talk of the war?

1. Sixteen is considered the age for being “the belle of the ball,” the time to flirt with the young men of your own class in order to attain a proper husband. Scarlett is in all her glory now, enjoying the flirting, the clothes, the intrigues, the parties, and the attention.

2. After being expelled from their fourth college in two years, the Tarleton twins know their mother will not only deny them the Grand Tour of Europe but will be considerably angry since their brothers, Tom and Boyd, left school with them feeling it would not be honorable to stay in a college which expelled their brothers.

3. Pittypat is Charles and Melanie’s aunt as well as Ashley’s cousin. While at the train station in...

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Chapter 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Scarlett try so hard to please Mammy?

2. Why does Scarlett depend on Gerald to tell the truth about Ashley’s engagement?

3. What is Scarlett’s opinion of Ashley’s interest in writing poetry, reading books, and listening to music?

4. How does Gerald treat Scarlett?

5. Why does Gerald feel Scarlett will never be happy with Ashley?

6. Upon what does Gerald place the highest value?

7. Why does Ellen leave?

8. What are Scarlett’s feelings toward her mother?

9. Upon what does Scarlett feel her parents’ marriage is based?

10. How do we know Gerald is kindhearted?

1. Mammy was Ellen’s mother’s body slave, raised Ellen, and then the O’Hara girls. She feels she should know everything that transpires in these children’s lives and, if she does not, will go directly to Ellen who will demand explanations from the girls.

2. Gerald has just spent the afternoon with Ashley’s father, John Wilkes.

3. Plantation young men are expected to hunt, gamble, dance, indulge in politics, learn about the plantation, and possibly attend college. Scarlett has no interest in even talking about reading, much less doing it.

4. Gerald decides to will Tara to Scarlett upon his death. With this in mind, he treats her as a first-born son.

5. Gerald knows...

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Chapters 3-5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why did Ellen marry Gerald?

2. Why does Scarlett refuse to accept Ashley’s engagement?

3. How did Gerald obtain Tara?

4. When do Dilcey and Prissy come to live at Tara?

5. Why is Mrs. Tarleton opposed to Ashley and Melanie’s marriage?

6. When is Jonas Wilkerson dismissed?

7. How does Mammy know Scarlett is not a lady?

8. What does Scarlett plan to do at the barbecue?

9. Why is Ellen not presiding at dinner when Pork’s new family arrives?

10. What is Scarlett’s opinion of the Tarleton sisters?

1. When Ellen was a girl of 15 in Savannah, she was in love with her wild cousin, Philippe Robillard, but he was killed in a brawl in New Orleans. Wanting to leave her family and her memories of Philippe, Ellen accepted Gerald’s proposal and agreed to move to Tara, vowing she would enter a convent if her family attempted to prevent this marriage and her subsequent move.

2. Scarlett has convinced herself that Ashley is marrying Melanie because he does not know Scarlett loves him.

3. Sitting in a saloon, Gerald overhears a stranger talk of his ruined plantation and arranges an introduction with the thought of winning this plantation in another drunken poker game. Betting with his brothers’ money, he does just that.

4. Pork, Gerald’s valet, married Dilcey who lived at Twelve Oaks along with her daughter, Prissy. When they married, Gerald went there to buy them both from their master, John Wilkes, at Pork’s request so they could live with Pork at Tara as a family.

5. Mrs. Tarleton is opposed to marriage between relations.

6. Ellen implies to Gerald that Jonas Wilkerson is the father of Emmie Slattery’s dead newborn baby. She demands that Gerald terminate the employment of Mr. Wilkerson as their overseer since he did not marry Emmie.

7. Mammy knows Scarlett prefers “tomboy” activities and is not at all interested in education.

8. Scarlett plans to be gay and catch everyone’s attention thereby proving she is not upset at Ashley’s impending engagement.

9. Ellen has taken Mammy with her to attend Emmie Slattery’s newborn baby who is dying.

10. Scarlett is both shocked and envious that the four Tarleton sisters treat their mother as they would a girlfriend.

Chapters 6-7 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who are the couples at the barbecue?
2. Why does Scarlett not stay with the other girls during the rest period between the barbecue and the ball?
3. What is Ashley’s reaction when Scarlett proposes to him?
4. Why does Rhett Butler overhear the proposal?
5. When does Charles Hamilton die?
6. Why does Scarlett go visiting?
7. Why does Scarlett flirt with Charles Hamilton?
8. How does Melanie defend Scarlett when the other girls call her “fast”?
9. How did Rhett Butler earn his terrible reputation?
10. In what way does the start of the Civil War hasten Charles and Scarlett’s marriage?

1. Honey Wilkes and Charles Hamilton are planning to wed, Carreen is besotted by Brent Tarleton, Ashley and Melanie will announce their engagement that night, India Wilkes still cares for Stuart Tarleton even though Scarlett has spirited him away, and Frank Kennedy is already showing his interest in Suellen.

2. The barbecue is already over and Ashley has paid no attention to Scarlett, so she feels she must seek him out privately.

3. Ashley meets her proposal with silence, then consternation. He attempts to make a joke of it, then asks her to pretend she’d never told him she loves him when he sees she is serious.

4. Rhett is taking his own nap on a sofa in the library, having already alienated the rest of the male guests with...

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Chapters 8-10 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Scarlett come out of mourning?

2. Why did Mrs. Elsing and Mrs. Merriwether not ask Scarlett to come out of mourning?

3. What are Scarlett and Melanie expected to do?

4. Why does Dr. Meade first interrupt the proceedings at the bazaar?

5. Why is Scarlett dismayed to see Rhett?

6. How does she scandalize society?

7. About what does Ellen write Scarlett?

8. How does Scarlett react when Melanie defends her?

9. About what does Gerald tell Scarlett?

10. Why does Scarlett not have to return to Tara?

1. A bazaar is being held to benefit the hospitals. Mrs. Bonnell was to manage a booth but her children have the measles. The McLures, who were also to help, have to go to Virginia to fetch their wounded brother. Mrs. Merriwether and Mrs. Elsing ask Pittypat and Melanie to take their places since the remaining young women will not tend the booths, preferring to dance and court. Scarlett uses the need for women to tend the booths as an excuse to come out of mourning.

2. Society’s rigid code of behavior demands that widows not appear at social functions for at least a year.

3. The girls are expected only to manage a booth selling whatever goods the ladies of the town have made.

4. Dr. Meade announces that in order to raise more funds to buy medical supplies from...

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Chapters 11-13 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1.What is Scarlett searching for as she secretly reads Ashley’s letters?

2. How does Rhett initially gain acceptance in Atlanta’s society?

3. What does Mrs. Merriwether admonish Pittypat, Melanie, and Scarlett to do?

4. Why does Melanie refuse to do as Mrs. Merriwether demands?

5. Why does Dr. Meade write a letter to the newspaper?

6. What does Scarlett attempt to persuade Rhett to do?

7. Why does Rhett bring Scarlett the colorful bonnet from Paris?

8. Why does Melanie ask Scarlett to intercede on her behalf?

9. Why does Belle Watling speak with Melanie?

10. Why is Scarlett outraged that the handkerchief Belle tied the money in has Rhett’s initials on it?

1. She is still searching for evidence that Ashley is in love with her but doesn’t know it.

2. Because of his trips to Europe for the Confederate Cause, Rhett is in a position to see the new fashions and takes careful note of them to relate to the ladies in Atlanta.

3. Mrs. Merriwether admonishes Pittypat, Scarlett, and Melanie to stop receiving Rhett.

4. She feels it unjust to bar Rhett from their home since, although the words are different, Ashley and Rhett’s sentiments are the same.

5. Without naming Rhett, Dr. Meade writes a letter to the newspaper against speculators, profiteers, and...

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Chapters 14-16 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. When do the Southerners begin to suspect they are not winning the war?

2. Why do the people gather at the newspaper office?

3. Why is Melanie jealous of Scarlett?

4. Why does Ashley bring the Fontaine boys home on their layover between trains?

5. Why is Scarlett angry Melanie is giving Ashley a coat for Christmas?

6. How does Scarlett confound Ashley when she catches him alone just before he leaves?

7. How does Scarlett feel when Melanie announces her pregnancy?

8. Why does Scarlett not leave Atlanta as she had planned?

9. What information about Ashley does Rhett discover when he uses his influence?


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Chapters 17-18 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is the path of the battles as they come closer to Atlanta?

2. Why does Pittypat have a dinner party?

3. Why is Rhett unwelcome at social events?

4. What is Scarlett’s main concern before the battle of Atlanta?

5. Why does Pittypat protest having the overflow wounded from the hospital in her home?

6. Why is Big Sam in Atlanta?
7. When does the exodus begin?

8. Why do Mrs. Merriwether, Mrs. Elsing, and Mrs. Meade not leave?

9. Why does Melly stay in Atlanta?

10. Why does Scarlett, in turn, stay?

1. As Part III of the book begins, the Yankee army is above Dalton,...

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Chapters 19-22 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Scarlett want to go home?

2. What are Scarlett’s plans for Wade?

3. Why does Prissy tell her not to worry?

4. Why does Uncle Henry visit?

5. What does Rhett ask Scarlett to do?

6. When news does a courier bring from Gerald?

7. When does Scarlett strike Prissy?

8. Why is it that Dr. and Mrs. Meade cannot attend to Melanie?

9. What does Melanie ask Scarlett to do?

10. Why does Scarlett send for Rhett after the birth?

1. Scarlett is afraid; there are wounded and dying soldiers everywhere and they constantly stop at the house to ask for aid, food, and...

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Chapters 23-25 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Scarlett think the Yankees have arrived?

2. What is it Rhett manages to bring?

3. When does Rhett leave them?

4. What do they discover when they wake up?

5. How is Gerald different?

6. Why does Mammy not take responsibility for the family as Scarlett had hoped she would?

7. Why is Dilcey able to nurse Melanie’s baby?

8. Why are Suellen and Carreen not much help?

9. How does Wade begin to act?

10. Of what does the food at Tara consist?

1. Scarlett sees the flames and light from the burning of supplies by the Confederates. In anticipation of evacuating...

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Chapters 26-28 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. When does Scarlett commit murder?

2. What do Scarlett and Melanie find in the thief-soldier’s pockets?

3. What is Grandma Fontaine’s advice to Scarlett?

4. What do the Yankees do the second time they come to Tara?

5. How is Beau instrumental in the family’s survival this time?

6. Why do the soldiers leave Charles’ sword?

7. Why does Frank Kennedy come to Tara?

8. What does he tell them about Atlanta?

9. What does Frank ask Scarlett?

10. Why do the women try to make it a lively evening for the soldiers?

1. Scarlett is alone when she hears a horse. Seeing...

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Chapters 29-30 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where is Pork sent?

2. Over what do Suellen and Scarlett fight?

3. When do the Fontaine brothers become angry?

4. Why does Mrs. Calvert praise Mr. Hilton?

5. Why is Cathleen Calvert going to marry Mr. Hilton?

6. What does Carreen ask Beatrice Tarleton to do?

7. What is the condition of the returning Confederate soldiers?

8. Why does Uncle Peter come to Tara?

9. Who is Will Benteen?

10. What effect does Ashley’s arrival have on Scarlett?

1. Pork is sent to Macon to buy cotton and garden seed.

2. Never having walked anywhere before, Suellen thinks...

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Chapters 31-32 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Scarlett not go back to Atlanta?

2. How does Ashley spend his time?

3. About what does Will tell Scarlett?

4. For what purpose does he think the taxes are being raised?

5. What does Ashley tell Scarlett?

6. What does Scarlett understand about Ashley?

7. What does she plan to do first?

8. What does Scarlett ask Mammy to do?

9. What does Scarlett remember about Rhett’s feelings for her?

10. Why is Mammy going to Atlanta with Scarlett?

1. Scarlett is still needed as the head of the house. While she has Will to share the responsibility, she is the...

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Chapters 33-34 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. When they arrive in Atlanta, what do Mammy and Scarlett see?

2. What does Scarlett learn from Pittypat?

3. Why is Rhett in jail?

4. How does Scarlett lie to Mammy and Pittypat?

5. Why does Scarlett sneak out?

6. How does she gain entry to the jail?

7. Why does Rhett not refuse to see her?

8. What does she pretend to feel?

9. How does Rhett know Scarlett is lying?

10. When does she allow him to see her hatred for him?

1. Much of the town is still destroyed but there is furious building and repairing happening. There are Yankee soldiers everywhere and freed slaves...

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Chapters 35-36 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Scarlett lie to Frank about why she was at Yankee headquarters?

2. What does Frank tell her?

3. Why does Scarlett resolve to marry Frank?

4. Why does Mammy offer to help Scarlett win Frank?

5. When does Frank realize Scarlett trapped him into marriage?

6. When Frank has the grippe, what does Scarlett discover by going to the store?

7. What does she realize?

8. What does Rhett admit?

9. How does Rhett explain Ashley’s feelings for Scarlett?

10. What does Rhett agree to do?

1. Scarlett tells Frank the lie because she knows his opinion of Rhett is very...

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Chapters 37-38 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Tony Fontaine arrive, unannounced, in the middle of the night?

2. When does Scarlett tell Frank she is pregnant?

3. Why are the former slaves not succeeding in their new lives?

4. Why does Scarlett push herself to succeed quickly?

5. Why does she have trouble hiring a manager for the second sawmill?

6. Why does Scarlett begin socializing with Yankees?

7. Why doesn’t she care for their wives?

8. Why does Uncle Peter refuse to drive for Scarlett?

9. Why does Rhett take to “accidentally” meeting Scarlett on her business route?

10. What does he ask her to do?


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Chapters 39-42 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How did Suellen cause her father’s death?

2. Why does Will want to marry Suellen?

3. Why is Carreen going to enter a convent?

4. Why does Ashley want to go to New York?

5. Why does Melly prevent him from doing so?

6. Once in Atlanta, what does Melly do?

7. What happens to the freedman accused of rape?

8. Why does Melly send Archie to Scarlett?

9. Why does Archie resign?

10. What does Scarlett do when she returns to the mills after her daughter’s birth?

1. Drunk from the brandy Suellen gave him to muddle his thinking, Gerald attempts to jump a fence with a...

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Chapters 43-45 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why has Rhett been gone for so many months?

2. Why will he no longer be available to Scarlett for loans?

3. Why is Big Sam sent to Tara?

4. What does Scarlett discover about Johnnie Gallegher?

5. How does she endanger the town’s men?

6. Of what are Frank and Ashley members?

7. What is it that Melly and India know?

8. Why does Rhett arrive at Melly’s unannounced that night?

9. How does he prevent Ashley’s arrest?

10. Why does Rhett speak to Scarlett alone?

1. Rhett has a legal ward, a boy, who goes to school in New Orleans. He goes there often to visit him....

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Chapters 46-47 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Captain Jaffery tell Belle Watling and her girls to do?

2. Where are Frank and Tommy’s bodies?

3. What do the townspeople resent?

4. Why does Belle come to Melly’s house?

5. Why does Scarlett regret being the cause of Frank’s death?

6. What has she taken to doing secretly?

7. To what does Rhett tell Pittypat he and Scarlett must tend?

8. What is Scarlett’s nightmare?

9. What does Rhett ask Scarlett?

10. What does she ask Rhett to bring her?

1. Captain Jaffery tells Belle Watling she and her girls will have to appear before the provost marshall....

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Chapters 48-50 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What do Rhett and Scarlett do on their honeymoon?

2. Back in Atlanta again, where do Rhett and Scarlett stay?

3. What does The Ladies’ Sewing Circle for the Widows and Orphans of the Confederacy discuss?

4. About what does Rhett try to warn Scarlett?

5. Why isn’t Scarlett’s “crush” a success?

6. Why is Scarlett cast out by the Old Guard?

7. How does Melanie fear she’s offended Scarlett?

8. Why does Scarlett want an abortion?

9. Why is Wade afraid during the birth of the new baby?

10. When does Mammy begin to develop respect for Rhett?

1. Rhett and...

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Chapters 51-53 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Scarlett tell Rhett she wants separate bedrooms?

2. Why is Wade unhappy?

3. What does Rhett decide about the children?

4. With whom does he spend almost all of his time?

5. Why does Bonnie begin screaming?

6. What is Melanie giving Ashley?

7. Why does Scarlett go to the lumber yard?

8. What are Ashley and Scarlett discovered doing?

9. What does Scarlett try to do after they are discovered?

10. Why won’t Rhett let her do this?

1. Initially, Scarlett blames her expanding waistline on pregnancies. Since Rhett won’t allow abortions, abstinence is the...

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Chapters 54-56 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Scarlett look for a drink after Ashley’s surprise party?

2. What does Rhett tell Scarlett?

3. After disappearing for two days, why does Rhett come home?

4. Why doesn’t Scarlett confess to Melly?

5. Why is there a feud?

6. How does Scarlett feel when she discovers she is pregnant?

7. When Rhett returns after three months, what do he and Scarlett immediately begin to do?

8. Why does Scarlett miscarry?

9. What does Rhett do during her illness?

10. In her delirium, about what does Scarlett think?

1. Ashley’s surprise birthday party is a terrible...

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Chapters 57-59 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Rhett come to see Melanie?

2. What is the “cover story” for the money?

3. About what do Rhett and Ashley agree?

4. About what can Scarlett not disagree?

5. Why does she fear Rhett is involved in the Klan?

6. What does Rhett buy for the children?

7. What does Bonnie love to do?

8. Why do the children stay at Melanie’s home?

9. Why does Mammy come to speak with Melly?

10. Why won’t Rhett allow Bonnie to be buried?

1. Rhett thinks the store will be enough to keep Scarlett occupied without tiring her out. He is worried about her health. He also...

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Chapters 60-63 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Rhett react to Bonnie’s death?

2. Why does Rhett call Scarlett back to Atlanta from Marietta?

3. Why won’t Rhett go into Melanie’s house?

4. What is it Dr. Meade warns Scarlett not to do?

5. What does Melanie ask Scarlett to do?

6. What does Ashley want from Scarlett?

7. What is it Scarlett realizes about her feelings for Ashley?

8. What do Pittypat, India, Ashley, and the others expect Scarlett to do?

9. As she runs home, what happens to Scarlett?

10. Why is Rhett leaving?

1. After Bonnie’s funeral, Rhett becomes a distant drunk who is never...

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