Gone with the Wind Chapters 8-10 Questions and Answers

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 8-10 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Scarlett come out of mourning?

2. Why did Mrs. Elsing and Mrs. Merriwether not ask Scarlett to come out of mourning?

3. What are Scarlett and Melanie expected to do?

4. Why does Dr. Meade first interrupt the proceedings at the bazaar?

5. Why is Scarlett dismayed to see Rhett?

6. How does she scandalize society?

7. About what does Ellen write Scarlett?

8. How does Scarlett react when Melanie defends her?

9. About what does Gerald tell Scarlett?

10. Why does Scarlett not have to return to Tara?

1. A bazaar is being held to benefit the hospitals. Mrs. Bonnell was to manage a booth but her children have the measles. The McLures, who were also to help, have to go to Virginia to fetch their wounded brother. Mrs. Merriwether and Mrs. Elsing ask Pittypat and Melanie to take their places since the remaining young women will not tend the booths, preferring to dance and court. Scarlett uses the need for women to tend the booths as an excuse to come out of mourning.

2. Society’s rigid code of behavior demands that widows not appear at social functions for at least a year.

3. The girls are expected only to manage a booth selling whatever goods the ladies of the town have made.

4. Dr. Meade announces that in order to raise more funds to buy medical supplies from...

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