Gone with the Wind Chapters 60-63 Questions and Answers

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 60-63 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Rhett react to Bonnie’s death?

2. Why does Rhett call Scarlett back to Atlanta from Marietta?

3. Why won’t Rhett go into Melanie’s house?

4. What is it Dr. Meade warns Scarlett not to do?

5. What does Melanie ask Scarlett to do?

6. What does Ashley want from Scarlett?

7. What is it Scarlett realizes about her feelings for Ashley?

8. What do Pittypat, India, Ashley, and the others expect Scarlett to do?

9. As she runs home, what happens to Scarlett?

10. Why is Rhett leaving?

1. After Bonnie’s funeral, Rhett becomes a distant drunk who is never home. He is untidy and forgets to change his clothes.

2. Rhett sends Scarlett a telegram stating Melanie is ill and to return immediately from Marietta.

3. He cannot bear to see her dying so he does not go into the house after bringing Scarlett there from the train station.

4. A contemptuous and disapproving Dr. Meade sees Scarlett and ushers her in to see Melanie, warning her this is not the time for a confession about Ashley.

5. Melanie asks Scarlett to look after Beau, to see he goes to college, to secretly look after Ashley’s health and business, and to be kind to Rhett.

6. Scarlett looks for Ashley, wanting him to comfort her but he needs comfort from her.

7. Scarlett realizes Ashley is frightened and not strong. She abruptly realizes he has only wanted her body, as Rhett said. She knows Ashley doesn’t love her and really doesn’t care.

8. Pittypat, India, Ashley, and the others expect Scarlett to tell them what to do to prepare for Melanie’s funeral.

9. Without planning to, Scarlett finds herself running through the mist toward her own home. She recognizes this mist as the one in her nightmare. There was no light or refuge in her dream but she sees a light in this mist and thinks of the refuge of home—and Rhett.

10. Rhett says his love for Scarlett is worn out.