Gone with the Wind Chapters 6-7 Questions and Answers

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 6-7 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who are the couples at the barbecue?
2. Why does Scarlett not stay with the other girls during the rest period between the barbecue and the ball?
3. What is Ashley’s reaction when Scarlett proposes to him?
4. Why does Rhett Butler overhear the proposal?
5. When does Charles Hamilton die?
6. Why does Scarlett go visiting?
7. Why does Scarlett flirt with Charles Hamilton?
8. How does Melanie defend Scarlett when the other girls call her “fast”?
9. How did Rhett Butler earn his terrible reputation?
10. In what way does the start of the Civil War hasten Charles and Scarlett’s marriage?

1. Honey Wilkes and Charles Hamilton are planning to wed, Carreen is besotted by Brent Tarleton, Ashley and Melanie will announce their engagement that night, India Wilkes still cares for Stuart Tarleton even though Scarlett has spirited him away, and Frank Kennedy is already showing his interest in Suellen.

2. The barbecue is already over and Ashley has paid no attention to Scarlett, so she feels she must seek him out privately.

3. Ashley meets her proposal with silence, then consternation. He attempts to make a joke of it, then asks her to pretend she’d never told him she loves him when he sees she is serious.

4. Rhett is taking his own nap on a sofa in the library, having already alienated the rest of the male guests with...

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