Gone with the Wind Chapters 54-56 Questions and Answers

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 54-56 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Scarlett look for a drink after Ashley’s surprise party?

2. What does Rhett tell Scarlett?

3. After disappearing for two days, why does Rhett come home?

4. Why doesn’t Scarlett confess to Melly?

5. Why is there a feud?

6. How does Scarlett feel when she discovers she is pregnant?

7. When Rhett returns after three months, what do he and Scarlett immediately begin to do?

8. Why does Scarlett miscarry?

9. What does Rhett do during her illness?

10. In her delirium, about what does Scarlett think?

1. Ashley’s surprise birthday party is a terrible...

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