Gone with the Wind Chapters 46-47 Questions and Answers

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 46-47 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Captain Jaffery tell Belle Watling and her girls to do?

2. Where are Frank and Tommy’s bodies?

3. What do the townspeople resent?

4. Why does Belle come to Melly’s house?

5. Why does Scarlett regret being the cause of Frank’s death?

6. What has she taken to doing secretly?

7. To what does Rhett tell Pittypat he and Scarlett must tend?

8. What is Scarlett’s nightmare?

9. What does Rhett ask Scarlett?

10. What does she ask Rhett to bring her?

1. Captain Jaffery tells Belle Watling she and her girls will have to appear before the provost marshall....

(The entire section is 444 words.)