Gone with the Wind Chapters 37-38 Questions and Answers

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 37-38 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Tony Fontaine arrive, unannounced, in the middle of the night?

2. When does Scarlett tell Frank she is pregnant?

3. Why are the former slaves not succeeding in their new lives?

4. Why does Scarlett push herself to succeed quickly?

5. Why does she have trouble hiring a manager for the second sawmill?

6. Why does Scarlett begin socializing with Yankees?

7. Why doesn’t she care for their wives?

8. Why does Uncle Peter refuse to drive for Scarlett?

9. Why does Rhett take to “accidentally” meeting Scarlett on her business route?

10. What does he ask her to do?

1. Tony Fontaine kills Jonas Wilkerson in a knife fight. He is now fleeing to Texas and needs money, a horse, a coat, and food—quickly and quietly. Ashley tells him to go to Scarlett’s house in Atlanta for the things he needs.

2. After Tony leaves, Frank tells Scarlett this reign of terror and fear will end when every Southern man can vote. She doesn’t understand when he explains. He finishes by saying it may not even happen until the next generation. It is then that she abruptly tells him she’s pregnant.

3. The former slaves are handed their freedom and their rights but they receive no counsel on what to do with them.

4. At the time of the novel, as soon as women become pregnant, they shut themselves in their houses for propriety’s sake. Scarlett continues working far past the acceptable point but even she knows she won’t be able to go out in public much longer and she is desperate, not only to get her affairs in order, but also to earn and save every single dollar she possibly can while she can.

5. The men of Atlanta do not want to work for a woman.

6. Yankees are good for business. Not knowing how long they’ll be stationed in Atlanta, they are building homes and sending for their families.

7. Scarlett finds the Yankee wives bigoted and lacking intelligence.

8. After Uncle Peter is insulted by a Yankee woman, he tells Scarlett he has back pains and can no longer drive her.

9. Rhett is concerned for Scarlett. He knows she’s pregnant, driving herself, and blind to the dangers of her actions.

10. Rhett asks Scarlett to get a horse she can manage rather than risk having the horse overturn the buggy and hurt her or the baby.