Gone with the Wind Chapters 31-32 Questions and Answers

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 31-32 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Scarlett not go back to Atlanta?

2. How does Ashley spend his time?

3. About what does Will tell Scarlett?

4. For what purpose does he think the taxes are being raised?

5. What does Ashley tell Scarlett?

6. What does Scarlett understand about Ashley?

7. What does she plan to do first?

8. What does Scarlett ask Mammy to do?

9. What does Scarlett remember about Rhett’s feelings for her?

10. Why is Mammy going to Atlanta with Scarlett?

1. Scarlett is still needed as the head of the house. While she has Will to share the responsibility, she is the decision-maker and supervisor since he is not family.

2. Ashley is trying to be a farmer, to do his share of whatever is necessary on the plantation.

3. He explains that the taxes on Tara will be assessed at an additional $300.

4. Will believes that Hilton wants Tara for himself. The two men have the power to raise the taxes so high that Scarlett would not be able to pay them. Tara would then be offered at a sheriff’s sale and Hilton could buy it.

5. When they are alone in the orchard, Ashley tells Scarlett he loves her but cannot act upon his feelings.

6. Scarlett understands Ashley’s honor will not allow him to leave Melanie and Beau; his loyalty will keep him at Tara but away from Scarlett.

7. At first, Scarlett plans to borrow the money using the diamond earbobs as collateral or sell them to him outright, but soon realizes this is a temporary reprieve from the taxes and she wants more permanent security.

8. In order to seduce Rhett, Scarlett feels she needs to be prettier or have prettier clothes. She asks Mammy to make her a petticoat from the satin lining of the green moss curtains.

9. Scarlett remembers Rhett doesn’t want to marry but only to have her as his mistress.

10. Mammy is suspicious that Scarlett wants a new dress just to arrange a loan.