Gone with the Wind Chapters 3-5 Questions and Answers

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 3-5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why did Ellen marry Gerald?

2. Why does Scarlett refuse to accept Ashley’s engagement?

3. How did Gerald obtain Tara?

4. When do Dilcey and Prissy come to live at Tara?

5. Why is Mrs. Tarleton opposed to Ashley and Melanie’s marriage?

6. When is Jonas Wilkerson dismissed?

7. How does Mammy know Scarlett is not a lady?

8. What does Scarlett plan to do at the barbecue?

9. Why is Ellen not presiding at dinner when Pork’s new family arrives?

10. What is Scarlett’s opinion of the Tarleton sisters?

1. When Ellen was a girl of 15 in Savannah, she was in love with her wild cousin, Philippe Robillard, but he was killed in a brawl in New Orleans. Wanting to leave her family and her memories of Philippe, Ellen accepted Gerald’s proposal and agreed to move to Tara, vowing she would enter a convent if her family attempted to prevent this marriage and her subsequent move.

2. Scarlett has convinced herself that Ashley is marrying Melanie because he does not know Scarlett loves him.

3. Sitting in a saloon, Gerald overhears a stranger talk of his ruined plantation and arranges an introduction with the thought of winning this plantation in another drunken poker game. Betting with his brothers’ money, he does just that.

4. Pork, Gerald’s valet, married Dilcey who lived at Twelve Oaks along with her daughter, Prissy. When they married, Gerald went there to buy them both from their master, John Wilkes, at Pork’s request so they could live with Pork at Tara as a family.

5. Mrs. Tarleton is opposed to marriage between relations.

6. Ellen implies to Gerald that Jonas Wilkerson is the father of Emmie Slattery’s dead newborn baby. She demands that Gerald terminate the employment of Mr. Wilkerson as their overseer since he did not marry Emmie.

7. Mammy knows Scarlett prefers “tomboy” activities and is not at all interested in education.

8. Scarlett plans to be gay and catch everyone’s attention thereby proving she is not upset at Ashley’s impending engagement.

9. Ellen has taken Mammy with her to attend Emmie Slattery’s newborn baby who is dying.

10. Scarlett is both shocked and envious that the four Tarleton sisters treat their mother as they would a girlfriend.