Gone with the Wind Chapters 29-30 Questions and Answers

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 29-30 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where is Pork sent?

2. Over what do Suellen and Scarlett fight?

3. When do the Fontaine brothers become angry?

4. Why does Mrs. Calvert praise Mr. Hilton?

5. Why is Cathleen Calvert going to marry Mr. Hilton?

6. What does Carreen ask Beatrice Tarleton to do?

7. What is the condition of the returning Confederate soldiers?

8. Why does Uncle Peter come to Tara?

9. Who is Will Benteen?

10. What effect does Ashley’s arrival have on Scarlett?

1. Pork is sent to Macon to buy cotton and garden seed.

2. Never having walked anywhere before, Suellen thinks she needs the horse to go visiting. Scarlett maintains the horse is for work and must rest when not working. The argument ends when Scarlett slaps Suellen.

3. Scarlett goes to Mimosa to buy corn seed. The Fontaine boys agree but then will not accept the money. There is a certain amount of pride still left in Alex and Tony (who never plowed or farmed before) and Scarlett, unwittingly, injures it.

4. Mrs. Calvert is a Yankee who came south when she married 20 years ago. She is constantly making social blunders since she does not understand Southern ways. Mr. Hilton is her husband’s overseer and also a Yankee. By telling this to the Yankee soldiers, the burning of their house was averted twice. Both Cathleen and Cade, the children of her Southern husband by his first wife, are terribly embarrassed that this is what saved their home.

5. Cade Calvert, Cathleen’s brother, is dying. Her Yankee stepmother, the second Mrs. Calvert, is taking her four young daughters north permanently. Their overseer, the Yankee Mr. Hilton, is willing to marry Cathleen.

6. She wants to see her family’s tombstones and asks Beatrice to take her there.

7. The soldiers are full of lice and dysentery. They are hungry, ragged, and have little strength.

8. Pittypat returns to Atlanta from Macon and is afraid to be alone. She sends Uncle Peter to Tara to bring Melanie and Scarlett.

9. Will Benteen is a returning Confederate soldier who is so ill from pneumonia when he reaches Tara that no one expects him to live.

10. Ashley’s arrival throws Scarlett into confusion once again.