Gone with the Wind Chapters 23-25 Questions and Answers

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 23-25 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Scarlett think the Yankees have arrived?

2. What is it Rhett manages to bring?

3. When does Rhett leave them?

4. What do they discover when they wake up?

5. How is Gerald different?

6. Why does Mammy not take responsibility for the family as Scarlett had hoped she would?

7. Why is Dilcey able to nurse Melanie’s baby?

8. Why are Suellen and Carreen not much help?

9. How does Wade begin to act?

10. Of what does the food at Tara consist?

1. Scarlett sees the flames and light from the burning of supplies by the Confederates. In anticipation of evacuating Atlanta, and not wanting to leave anything the Yankees can use, the rear guard of the Confederate troops empties the commissary warehouses, then sets fire to them, the foundry, and the supply depots.

2. Rhett manages to bring only an old rickety wagon and a near dead horse.

3. Rhett leaves them only after conducting Melanie, Prissy, Scarlett, Wade, and the newborn baby safely through the fires and the drunken mobs.

4. They wake to find they are at the Mallory place near Tara but no one is there and the house is burned down. While there is water, there are only a few mostly rotten apples left.

5. When Scarlett sees her father, her first thought is that he is an old man. Later, when she becomes inebriated with him, she hears herself telling him what to do as one does with a child. He is nonfunctional as the head of the household.

6. Without Ellen, Mammy is a working lump of misery. She effectively nurses the girls through typhoid but has no idea what is necessary in a wartime world.

7. Dilcey and Pork have also had a baby. While Pork delicately questions why Melanie’s baby needs cow’s milk, Scarlett bluntly tells him Melanie is not producing milk for her baby.

8. When Scarlett arrives at Tara, Suellen and Carreen are still suffering from typhoid.

9. Wade is frightened of his mother. She never has time for him except to bark reprimands at him and has no understanding of how deep his fear is.

10. When Scarlett returns to Tara, she forces the slaves to remember food they have forgotten by questioning them.