Gone with the Wind Chapters 17-18 Questions and Answers

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 17-18 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is the path of the battles as they come closer to Atlanta?

2. Why does Pittypat have a dinner party?

3. Why is Rhett unwelcome at social events?

4. What is Scarlett’s main concern before the battle of Atlanta?

5. Why does Pittypat protest having the overflow wounded from the hospital in her home?

6. Why is Big Sam in Atlanta?
7. When does the exodus begin?

8. Why do Mrs. Merriwether, Mrs. Elsing, and Mrs. Meade not leave?

9. Why does Melly stay in Atlanta?

10. Why does Scarlett, in turn, stay?

1. As Part III of the book begins, the Yankee army is above Dalton,...

(The entire section is 467 words.)